stiletto high heels

What is a Stiletto heel?

They take their name from the thin razor knife, but the stilettos, in the plural, are shoes with very high heels. Stiletto heels can be cleavage, harnesses or sandals, but all have a common high heel. “Stiletto” refers to the metal pin that runs along the heel, reinforcing it.

The heel is usually at least three inches (7.62 cm) high, but the sky is the limit, especially when adding a platform for the fingers. World War II gave fashion a solid and military look, and stylists of the 1950s, such as Dior and his “New Look,” took advantage of non-rationed fabrics to create floating skirts and sparkling blouses. Such creations required a completely different shoe from the great heels of the 1940s. Shoe designer Roger Vivier responded with the stiletto.

stiletto high heels

In the 1950s, stilettos were generally pumps or slings and had very, very pointed fingers. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield quickly discovered that these one-kilometer high heels were 100 tests, and their 50s and 60s movies show them stumbling on stilettos. Stiletto heels, because of their height, seem to stretch the leg and a woman has to walk differently when she wears them. Your step becomes a swinging hip prop so you can keep your balance. This strut attracts men like honey bees, and many men find that a woman’s sexiest garment is a pair of stiletto heels.

Given that podiatrists have warned for years that prolonged use of high heels can cause foot problems, such as bursts and hammer toes, one might think that their popularity would have decreased. Stiletto heels are available in stores and on the Internet, in labels and design imitations. Depending on the manufacturer, they can cost from US $ 20 (USD) to over US $ 1,200. A remarkable pair incorporated with authentic diamonds sells for over $ 2 million.