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high heels for plus sizes 13 and up

BEST HEELS FOR PLUS SIZE | High Heels Size 11, 12, 13 & Up

Get The Right Size High heels

With the right pair of heels, women can do anything! High heels have the ability to change from a homely look to haute couture in an instant.

You wear a pair of classic jeans and a simple white t-shirt. By themselves, these pieces are very informal but combined with an elegant pair of high heels, they transform the whole look.

High heels are the perfect style of shoes for the woman who wants to feel sexy, feminine and sophisticated.

A pair of elegant heels for plus size and large women can highlight the self-confident woman we all live in. So, if you prefer a small open toe or a pumped platform, there is a high heel style for everyone. Not only are there comfortable heels for big women, but high heels for plus size women are more elegant than ever!

The Wedge High Heel

wedge high heels in size 13

What makes this style of shoes so unique is the shape of the heel. A piece of material, usually in rubber, serves as the sole and heel of the shoe.

Without a disconnection between the sole and the heel, the wedges become much more resistant to walking. The thicker construction in the lower part offers greater overall stability. A wedge is incredibly versatile, since you can dress easily or get off and go from day to night. Another advantage of using a wedge is the angular shape of the heel. This helps create a definition in the calves and thighs, which is just one of the reasons why they are one of our favorite heels for older people.

The wedge sandal is a style that still looks the same at the bottom, but generally has a much more open appearance, similar to the sandal at the top.

For some, wedge sandals have become a permanent staple for summer footwear. It combines the appearance of a sandal with the sophistication of a high heel. Wedge sandals tend to look more casual and relaxed, so we recommend that you wear this style with your spring or summer clothes.

You can combine your wedge sandals with a pair of cute shorts, a casual skirt or an elegant long dress. Wedges are a great shoe to really show the legs and the figure.

There are so many reasons to love the wedge!

Switch from one season to another and have fun finding new ways to work in your wardrobe. It is a truly flattering style for all shapes and sizes.

Wedges are also a great alternative to heels when you can walk on an undesirable surface. Having a completely flat bottom allows for easier mobility and overall balance. Crack in the floor? No problem! Your wedges have been made for walking and that’s exactly what they’ll do!

Block Heels

Let’s talk about the block.

block high heels size 13

If you are not familiar with what a block heel is it your basic high heel but with a much thicker heel.

We saw the block heel emerge in the 1960s, which began with the “pilgrim bomb” YSL that had a square toe and a square heel. While it is possible that some of us have not even been alive when this shoe made its debut, we are here just in time for the return!

While this style never seen before was introduced decades ago, today it is considered one of the best heels for plus size women.

What makes the heel so ideal? Well, there are several factors that contribute to making these high heels for women and large sizes so perfect. First, the form itself is much more practical to use and use for a long period of time. The block heel gives you good stability, so you can feel safe when moving from one day to the next.

Another great thing about wide heels is the versatility they can have in your closet. Combine them with a fantastic pair of skinny jeans, a pair of fashionable pants, an asymmetric mini skirt or your favorite dress. If you want to wear a wide heel for more formal events, be sure to invest in a shoe with superior quality fabrics, richer colors and elegant accents. In this way, you can enjoy the comfort of a thicker heel with the charm of an elegant and sophisticated shoe.

High heels can come in different heights and variations of style. Some versions may be shorter, while others are so high that only experienced professionals could do so. But for those who don’t trust their heels completely or don’t feel safe with them, opt for a short to medium heel height.

Heels To Start With

Start with a heel that is between two and four inches and get up gradually. In this way, you can feel feminine and sexy, but also stable and safe with a more structured heel shape.

Today more than ever, high heels are back in fashion, making it the perfect time to adopt this style. Women around the world can enjoy the comfort of a solid heel with support, embracing even the most popular fashion trends.

There has never been a greater opportunity for women to combine their love of haute couture with the desire for general comfort.