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Men in high heels

Men Wearing High Heels

Either you love fashion, you hate it or you don’t understand it. I am between loving him and sometimes scratching my head, no matter how ridiculous the designers are when they try to “increase the stakes”.

Men in high heels

We have seen that fashion turns so drastic when it comes to men’s fashion, such as men dressed in pink, men with skirts, men with floral motifs, men with makeup and now men with heels.

An old blog post of mine that I discussed about such bad and terrible things that have emerged so far in men’s fashion. As women, we have so much power in this world and we must always prove it. But one thing that has always worked for us is our wonderful breasts, our beautiful legs and the way we can walk on water with our heels.

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Now we have men who want to compete with us wearing heels! Yes, I am aware that it is a completely new generation and I always accept what is abnormal and ridiculous, but it is annoying that men want to dress like women. I do not understand and if you understand it, comment below and educate us.

Man wearing high heels

Luke Nero, a promoter of the Mr. Black club in Los Angeles, told the New York Times: “Yesterday I went to a loft party, and there was a boy with normal shorts, a normal tank top, and very hot red shoes.

This is Everything! Everyone said, “Oh my God, I love those shoes!” Doesn’t anyone bother about a straight man or even a gay man wearing heels? REALLY !?

This also worries me a bit: why do men feel the need to steal our style? Women are always depressed when it comes to wanting to feel younger and look younger, so could it happen to men too?

The need to put the next man on stage to look fashionable and more beautiful? This is a thinker!

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I want to date a man, not a man that I have to fight to know who can wear 5-inch pink heels or fight because he used all my black eyeliner. If I wanted to, I could also have dated a woman. Do I hate these heeled men? Absolutely not, but dress in your jeans and manly shirts and let us be the best.