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Every year, without fail, they ask me about a particular item in my closet: my thigh boots. I found them four years ago on a whim when I was shopping with my mother, who ironically encouraged me to try them.

I used them initially for a New Year’s party and I certainly wouldn’t recommend breaking a heel like this for the first time on a night like that. Let’s say I spent a good part of my night looking for available places to sit.

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I wore these boots to the thigh in my blog every year and one of my images in these boots is now one of the best search results for the word “feminist.” I am not at all angry at this (although that same image was used for countless hate memes).

My ideal way to combine high calf boots has not changed since I first used them. Usually, I choose to wear shorts or go without pants completely. And this year was no different.

Knee-High Heels

As people have loved to tell me, these boots don’t get so high on my thighs. But considering that most boots barely exceed my ankle and cover the top of my knee on my thigh, these are damn high boots for me.

In addition, to describe this style, the term “boots above the knee with a wide strap” has been used and it seems appropriate also because no one is making thick boots up to the thigh.

shoe sizes 12 and up

My calves measure 19 inches but the measure of my thighs just above my calf is closer to 24 inches. These do not have zippers, but they stretch back so you can use them. Stretching these boots over the knee makes a difference when it comes to covering those extra five inches.

Unfortunately, the store where I found these boots until the thigh was closed and until this year, it was always a challenge to find similar styles that could make people look for a pair for them. Fortunately, there are now a few different options for thigh calf boots and I am happy to share them with you after years of questions and not having a good answer.

Buying Size 12 High Heels

My best tips when buying knee-high stockings online are similar to those described in my extensive calf boot shopping guide: learn your measurements, look at the contents of the fabric and see the return policy.

The only thing I will add to the purchase of boots up to the thigh is to verify the height above the circumference of the calf.

heels size 12 and up

I found a couple that I loved just to check the height measurement and realize that they would almost reach the bone of my hip because I am very low (and this is IF they even fit). Another thing is to look for lanyard styles in which the laces can be loosened for additional width.