Cute slingbacks are back in style

The best things in life are not meant to be easy. A good stiletto heel often fits that mantra. (Photo credit: Milanoo – slingbacks shop here, via our affiliate link)

Sandals often have a bad reputation. They can be as hard to put on as any high-heeled sandal. The strap can rub and hurt the back of the foot as much as a new pair of thighs.

The absence of the ankle strap gives the sandal all the security in the foot of a mule, i.e. almost none.

black high heels

But when they are well made, there is nothing more beautiful than a sling heel. The key is a thin strap around the back of the heel, which flexes slightly with the foot when walking.

Get the right strap and you can do anything with a slingback: a closed ladder, a peep toe peep toe or a front sandal with the strap is part of the game.

But if you’re wrong, things get complicated. The touch of a strap will make a night at slingback just plain hell. It’s very hard to stick something on your feet to stop the rubbing, because it will be very visible.
Some say the answer to the perfect slingback on thick fixed straps, but it’s hard to buy. What this really creates is not a slingback at all, but a pump with the back cut out.

Finally, the other essential part in choosing a slingback is making sure that the heel is a stiletto heel. It doesn’t have to be high, but it has to be thin.

The idea is that the strap and the heel, which is delicate and thin, help to make the ankle delicate as well.

Good luck in your quest to find your dream slingback.