About High Heel-Obsession And How To Find The Perfect Pair

Summer is the most stimulating season in many respects. But one thing that makes me love summer a lot more is the fact that it’s the only time I wear my favorite clothes. HIGH HEELS I have a closet full of high heels of different shapes, colors and heights, but the last 2 summers have been so rainy and cold that my precious shoes haven’t seen the light of day for too long. So, this summer season, I made sure every pair was used! I was only 3 or 4 years old when I wrote my first diary, which said:

cute plus size high heels

Oh, how I longed for the day I was allowed to walk around in high heels! I had to wait up to 6 years to get my first pair of heels. And as Emma Thompson said in the best film ever, Love Actually, “True love lasts a lifetime”, so my adoration for beautiful, sometimes very uncomfortable heels continues to grow stronger.

Picking plus size heels.

I often buy heels on a whim but never to keep them unused in the closet. I try to find a place and a situation in which to wear all my beloved shoes. Some of them are quite uncomfortable and can not walk more than 10 meters at a time before the cuts on my toes make me bleed. But there is also a place and a time for these shoes.

I like the office because I don’t need to go through the kitchen there. And then there are those extreme shoes that are incredibly beautiful and classic, and also so comfortable that they can be worn for a whole day without problems. Such shoes include bare sandals and classic black stilettos. I already have the perfect pair of bare sandals, but I’m still dreaming of those Louboutin stilettos.

Although some “feminists” claim that high heels are another way of repressing women (seriously … no one forces me to wear them) and sneakers are often combined with midi skirts and even elegant dresses, the classic Non lose heels never its place as the choice n. 1 for situations in costume.

But unlike what many believe, high heels do not necessarily mean painful blisters and aching feet. Here are my tips on finding the perfect pair of heels that will keep you stylish for many, many years.

cute plus size high heels

Choose the right time to buy

I suggest you always concentrate your shoe purchases at the end of the day. It may seem a little strange, but listen to me:

When you leave work, your feet are tired and probably a little swollen than normal, so they are more sensitive and, therefore, are in the best condition to determine which shoes have the best shape and size. If you try on new shoes immediately after breakfast, the risk of buying a pair that eventually becomes too small is much greater.

cute plus size high heels

Invest in good quality leather.

I prefer to keep the strings of my wallet as narrow as possible (at least for now), but when I decide to spend money I realized that quality materials are the right choice. In accessories, and in particular with shoes, I suggest you concentrate on the skin.

Leather is a flexible material; it stretches and shapes itself according to the foot and, if it remains well, it becomes more beautiful over time.

cute high heels

Walk for a while

Take your time in the shop. Take a walk in your favorite pair as much as possible to get a realistic feel of the shoes. If your shoes are a little uncomfortable, put them aside and try another pair.

Believe me, a real shoemaker, it never makes sense to buy uncomfortable shoes in the store. They will be much worse when you really have to use them for an event. picking the right plus size high heels.

The right high heels for plus sizes.

Evaluate how your toes feel

This is also part of the previous suggestion, but I really wanted to emphasize the importance of correctly assessing the level of comfort already present in the store. I know from almost 25 years of experience that it makes no sense to invest in shoes where the toes or toes are uncomfortable. You will not wear those shoes.

To find the best shape for you, try different heights and heel shapes (open toe / stiletto heels with round toe and sharp toe / sandal / wedge against stilettos, etc.). It may surprise you, but thick kitty heels are not the best option: for many people, heel height hurts heels. While a few extra inches in the heel are absolutely perfect.

Practice walking in heels at home

This is something that I took very seriously at an early age. When I got my first pair of heels, I swung from side to side in front of the big mirrors in the hallway and exercised my posture. I have to admit that walking in heels is not as simple as sneakers: if you want to avoid looking like an idiot, you should pay attention to your posture.

Bad posture and hooked knees ensure that you have blisters and even back pain.

So, considering that nothing looks as charming as a self-confident woman in high heels, I wish you all good shopping this weekend 🙂